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First primates born using Dolly the sheep cloning method


Two baby macaque monkeys have become the first primate clones to be produced using the same approach that gave rise to Dolly the sheep, researchers have revealed. Big eyed, fuzzy-furred and spindly-limbed, the macaques have been named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua. Zhonghua is part of the official name for China, where the animals were born.

The researchers behind the development say it will allow scientists to compare macaques to others that are genetically identical except for particular genes that have been deliberately tinkered with. That, they add, will not only help researchers probe the mechanisms behind human diseases, but aid drug screening and the development of other therapeutics.

The technique involves removing the Nucleus from an unfertilised egg and replacing it with a cell taken from the body of an individual to be cloned. The team says this method is more preferable than the other method of slitting the egg.

It is great step forward for the 3R as less animal s would have to is can remove the problem of genetic variability which can impact the procedure.

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