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A nanoparticle spray could help prevent heart damage


Some deep breaths could soon treat heart failure/deterioration of the heart following a heart attack thanks to an inhalable spray that has performed well in animal tests. The drug has been tested in rodents and pigs.  The drug was delivered by breathing in nanoparticles and has shown to be effective treatment.

The drug delivered by the spray is contained in nanoparticles that are small enough to be absorbed through the air sacs of the lungs and into the bloodstream. From here, blood travels straight to the heart, where the nanoparticles should release the drug.

The nanoparticles are made from calcium phosphate, a natural mineral that is abundant in bone. The drug they contain is designed to repair calcium channels on the surface of heart cells, which normally help electricity maintain the normal beating of the heart.

The trial of the nanoparticle spray continues but initial results look promising.


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