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Tiny robots crawl through mouse’s stomach to heal ulcers

mouse-2204576_1920 Tiny micromotors - autonomous vehicles about the width of

What medications did animal help to create

medications-342462_1920 Have you ever wondered what medications animal helped to create, take a

Transplanting Pig Organs Into Humans


An amazing advance in


Its International Cat Day!

kittens-555822_1920 Cats can be beneficial for people with mental illness. Pets can help people

Make sure you know the facts

The IAT has produced an excellent video about medical research and all the facts you need to know. Follow the link

Hate Injections?, this could be the solution.

needle-1291172_1920 A team of U.S. researchers have come up with a way to

Links to other Life Sciences and Research related websites:

Understanding Animal Research
Dedicated to explaining the role of animals in medical and scientific research. Guidance
UK Government information detailing the law on scientific research and testing involving animals.

Cancer Research UK
Registered charity funding research into finding cures and kinder treatments for Cancer.

Laboratory Animal Science Association
Supporting 50 years of progress in laboratory animal science and welfare. Promotes Concordat on openness for laboratory animal science.

Represents common interests in the furtherance of all aspects of laboratory animal science (LAS) in Europe and beyond.
Job profile for an animal technician.

Institute of Animal Technology
Founded in 1950, the IAT is the foremost professional body in the field of Animal Technology.

Speaking of Research
Speaking of Research aims to explain the important role of animals in research.

A non-profit organisation that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs.

UK’s national organisation which leads the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes.

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