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Sniffer dogs to help in fight to eradicate Malaria

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Scientists in the UK and The Gambia say they have the first evidence that dogs can sniff out malaria.

They have trained dogs to recognise tell-tale aromas using clothes from people infected with the disease.

It is hoped the animals can be used to stop malaria spreading and eventually help with eradication.

Although the research is still at an early stage, experts say the findings may even lead to new ways of testing for the disease.

Chelci Squires, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine “Dogs are actually nature’s super-smellers so it is a great gift to have them.

“They are much faster than existing rapid diagnostic tests which can take up to 20 minutes and require a fully trained professional to do.”

New tools to detect, treat and prevent malaria are needed as progress is stalling.

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