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Do we still need to use animals for medical research?

There has been some debate over the year weather we should continue to use animals for medical research.  There has been two excellent articles to discuss the possibility’s of using alternatives to animals.

There are many reasons why animals are used in research, I have listed some below

  • Animal research has played a vital part in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade.
  • Nearly every Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine since 1901 has relied on animal data for their research.
  • We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body.
  • Animals and humans are very similar; we have the same organ systems performing the same tasks in more or less the same way.
  • Animals suffer from similar diseases to humans including cancers, TB, flu and asthma.
  • All veterinary research has relied on the use of animal research.
  • While non-animal methods play an important part of biomedical research, they cannot replace all use of animals.
  • In vitro methods and computer modelling play an important part complementing data from animal models.
  • Many veterinary medicines are the same as those used for human patients: examples include antibiotics, pain killers and tranquillisers.
  • Modern anaesthetics, the tetanus vaccine, penicillin and insulin all relied on animal research in their development.
  • Modern surgical techniques including hip replacement surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants and blood transfusions were all perfected in animals.
  • Scanning techniques including CT and MRI were developed using non-human animals.

If you would like to read the full article then please follow the link below.

40 Reasons Why


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