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Its World Lab Animal Day



On World Lab Animal Day we should celebrate the major milestones which have ensured the UK has some of the best laboratory animal welfare conditions in the world.

There are fewer pictures of the rodents and fish that today make up some 95% of the animals used in UK research. In fact around half of “experiments” are the birth of a laboratory mouse.

“Nobody uses an animal if there is an alternative but, when they must be used, minimising their numbers and the avoidance of suffering must continue to be paramount in researchers’ minds. Exciting new technologies are part of the solution, but nothing can replace constant vigilance in applying the 3Rs during the inception of experiments, the licensing of experiments and in the lab.”

In the UK, the government-backed National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs) leads the way in funding projects that promote replacement, refinement and reduction, with the 3Rs now also enshrined in law and embedded in the Home Office licensing system.

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