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About S3 Life Sciences

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We work with the most prestigious organisations and institutions in the UK, Europe, and The United States, all changing the world today. With the right staff, they’re doing this not in 10 years’ time but right now. The staff we provide work within a team of professionals to help millions of people and animals worldwide live longer and happier lives.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the people we recruit perform a vital role in beating illnesses such as: Cancer, HIV, Aids, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Diabetes and so on. Quite literally without their work we would be hundreds of years behind in the battle to beat these debilitating and killer diseases.

Ok, so what are we going on about and how can you get involved? Specifically, we’re talking about a career within drug discovery, medical research or to use the correct term: Life Sciences. The UK is a global leader in Life Sciences and the pioneering research that goes into finding cures and medicines that will at some stage affect us all – young and old. The key to continuing this success is, in our opinion at least, getting the right staff interested in working in this amazing and rewarding industry.

Why Choose a Career with S3 Life Sciences?

You’re probably thinking “I can’t possibly help find the cure for Cancer”, well you’re wrong. Keep reading.

Way back in 2002 S3 Science Recruitment was established to help organisations within Life Sciences find individuals that had a passion for working with animals. Outside of the industry itself little was known to the average person about how our understanding of animals directly influences the advancement of medicine, treatment and surgery. Fast forward to 2016 and there isn’t a day that goes by that the world media doesn’t report yet another amazing scientific breakthrough. The last 14 years has seen the research community come out of the dark with everyone aware of where of where their medicines come from. Every year the public raise more and more money for research, how about ‘Movember’, ‘Dryathlon’ or simply being a part of a sponsored fun run in the local park – we’ve all heard of the brilliant charity events that help fund our client’s vital work. With so many success stories we know that if we continue our good work in attracting people to work in this industry, this is simply the beginning of even bigger things to come.


We pride ourselves on our values and live by these daily.

We strive to ensure that all of our Recruitment and Training services encompass all the following values;


Ethical and Educating

Customer focused

Real family values



Training and Development

Making a difference


New Solutions


What our clients say

“Alex is one of the best recruiters I have worked with, he is very good at listening carefully and has taken the time to get to know the Company so the candidates he sources are a correct fit. He has never been pushy or overly assertive and clearly has the Company’s best interests at heart. He has never put forward a candidate that is not a strong contender for the role. Alex is lovely to work with and I would 100% recommend him!”

– Ms J.P., Head of Operations, Novel Bio-technology company

“We look to S3 Science Recruitment to provide us with high quality staff and we keep going back because they understand our needs and invariably find us great candidates.”

– Mr R.S., UK General Manager, Leading Animal Breeding Organisation

“As a client of S3 I have always valued their appreciation of the evolving technical skill set required of today’s animal technician. Their drive to source and provide suitable profiles of potential candidates to our specific needs has been made possible by Steve’s team having an understanding of our operation and they have delivered to our business need. This has grown over many years and set the foundation to the open and honest business relationship we now have.”

– Mr M.W., Babraham Institute, Cambridge

“I have worked with Steve and his Team at S3 for over 13 years and it has been a great relationship for our company. We have recruited regularly over this time, both temporary, permanent and temp to perm. On occasion we have had to do this very quickly and have never found the S3 team unable to help, assisting us with the interview process and when a difficult decision needs to be made, supporting us to come to the right conclusion.
I would not hesitate to recommend S3 to anyone looking to employ staff in the life science field.””

– Mr S.M., Head of Toxicology, Wickham Laboratories

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  • Why register with S3 Science?

    • We have sole or preferred agency provider agreements in place with many of the largest scientific organisations, meaning only S3 Science can represent you as applicants from other sources are not accepted.
    • Professional advice from qualified careers advisors and recruiters.
    • Each candidate is designated a sole point of contact to make life easier for you. Your recruiter will have specialist industry knowledge with several years’ experience recruiting only animal technologists.
    • We will discuss all your needs before we start to match you to our clients vacancies – we know that each individual has different qualities to offer and different expectations. We will try our best to find you something you will enjoy and not just a job!
    • According to last years figures 4 out of 5 candidates were offered an animal technician job after attending the arranged interview through S3.
    • We promise you a fast response and constructive feedback throughout the recruitment process whatever vacancy you have applied for.
    • Tips and advice on CVs, interview techniques and interview feedback will be given to increase your chance of achieving ideal animal technologist role.

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