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Meet The Team

Steve Walker
Managing Director
Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to view our website. I set up S3 Science back in 2002. My previous work in other recruitment sectors never quite hit the sweet spot like Life Science’s recruitment. It’s a sector that, for many reasons has really got under my skin. I was lucky enough to start recruiting Animal Technicians just as the public’s opinion of scientific research was changing. Back in 2002 we were just one of a handful of organisations actively promoting the work to the wider public and not just within the scientific community. We would stick out our necks and openly discuss the; who, what and why of animal research at a time when clients and those associated with research were recovering from the violent tactics and propaganda of the Animal Rights movement. Fast forward to 2022 and our candidates are now fully aware of where their medicines come from. Better still they can now hold widely different opinions on a variety of animal related topics such as fox hunting, vegetarianism, the fur trade and of course animal research without being labelled as an animal rights activist. Myself, my wife and 4 kids are all animal lovers and we run a farm too – so I was in the very same shoes as the candidates that have come to S3 over the years. Obviously I’m glad I made the right decision. I’m always amazed by the scientific achievements that seem to happen on a daily basis – just open any newspaper and you will see a news story about yet another breakthrough. Seriously go and look through todays paper, I’m sure you will find a new positive story about the wonderful work that our industry does. Animal Research is still a talking point, but now thankfully for all the right reasons. On a personal level I’ve participated in Triathlons and half marathons (I even enjoyed a few of them) and always on behalf of various charities. Whilst working at my previous agency I lost a recruiter who had 2 young children to breast cancer. I know my story is nothing unusual – we all have our own stories of someone brave we know fighting their own personal battle with Cancer, Dementia, etc. The good news is that medical research is making leaps and bounds towards beating these dreadful illnesses. I’ve always believed that if I can help clients employ the right staff these breakthroughs will arrive even sooner. My point is that it feels great to be supporting a charity event; I will always give it a go (maybe not too many more triathlons though) even if I come last. However, it’s even better to be actually working in the industry itself. As for S3, well as the businesses founder I’m lucky enough to work with some talented and like-minded individuals on a daily basis. Myself, my staff and board of Directors are growing and developing S3 every day. The recruitment process is forever evolving much like the Life Sciences sector itself. There are far easier sectors to recruit in but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with any aspect of recruitment. I’m a proactive networker, a great listener and I love a challenge. If I can help you directly, I will. If I can’t, I’ll probably know someone in my team who can.     London Office: +44 0203 9240166
Alex Black
Recruitment Director
Before joining S3 Science, I worked in Education Recruitment in London, recruiting teachers across the capital. This was the beginning of a new chapter after leaving school early to pursue a career which stimulated and intrigued me. I then had the opportunity to join S3 Science, and go into a completely different industry that is making a huge difference. I jumped at the chance and love every minute of what I do.   I am an avid West Ham supporter, which involves a lot of heartache and frustration. I put myself through the pain of watching them on a weekly basis! Ever since joining S3 Science, I haven’t looked back. The opportunity to work in an industry that is out fighting cancer is a very rewarding experience, one of which I am proud to be a part of. I love telling people about the industry and the amazing work that goes on. My role at S3 Science is as Recruitment Consultant. I specialise in finding the best Life Science’s professionals out there, for roles with clients across the UK. I offer advice on getting into the industry and the amazing career progression available.        Email: London office: 0203 9340166
Kris Lenhart
Finance Manager
Prior to joining S3 Science I worked as a bookkeeper within the Insurance industry whilst gaining my accounting qualifications. My role within S3 Science is the Finance Manager. I look after the start-to-finish process within the company while also looking at all the new governmental guidelines that come out. Outside of work:  I’m a keen gardener and allotment keeper and try to grow and preserve all my own fruit and veg for the year, I’m also owner the of various animals that I love and enjoy cooking and baking different things.         Email: London office: 0203 9340166 
Hannah Schembri
Recruitment Consultant
Before joining S3 Science: I trained at Graham Webb International as a Hairstylist.  After training for 3 years and with the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt the time was right for a career change. I wanted to do something worthwhile and that made me feel good. With training, I have been successfully promoted from a Trainee Candidate Recruiter to a fully-fledged, Recruitment Consultant and am absolutely loving my work! My role is to work alongside companies and candidates to successfully identify the right talent for each organisation.  I work closely with my candidates by getting to know them, understanding what they are looking for and hope to facilitate their dream move! I do this by working with my clients to identify their recruitment needs that will help their teams excel. I’m here to help make the recruitment process as easy as possible. I take so much pride from the industry I work in, being part of the Life Sciences industry means I can be involved in identifying the talent that makes a real difference in saving lives. I get to work with the fantastic organisations that are at the forefront of research against horrible diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes to name a few.  Email:  London office: 0203 9340166
Kai Tickner
Recruitment Consultant
Hello, I’m Kai, I work as a Recruitment Consultant here at S3. It’s my job to help both candidates find their dream roles and clients find their next superstar! I started at S3 back in 2021 and have been learning the ropes of recruitment; learning my craft as a Candidate Recruitment Consultant and then progressing to a Recruitment Consultant - where I manage and consult with my own respected clients. Outside of work, I’m passionate about music and sports; I regularly attend venues and events with live acts playing. In terms of sports, I am a massive combat sports fan of both boxing and MMA as well as being a passionate supporter of Chelsea FC (Champions of Europe). Feel free to contact me for any recruitment-related questions.     Email:      London office: 0203 9340166          
Marcie Porter
Recruitment Consultant
Before joining S3 I trained as a Primary School Teacher, I wanted a change in my career. Recruitment interested me as I knew I could help people find their dream job. Since being with S3 I have learnt that it is an extremely rewarding role where I can better people’s lives. It is a joy of mine to speak to different candidates and clients every day and build great relationships. The industry we work in is something that really interests me and I have learnt and developed my knowledge since being here. I never considered recruitment as a career before but now I never look back. It is the only job that has pushed me to my limits and believed in me to succeed.    Email:     London Office: 0203 924 0166 
Jack McKie
Recruitment Consultant
I joined S3 Science to continue supporting people, ensuring our clients are empowered with the best teams to drive innovation and transformation, additionally, that the candidates I work with are in the best place to develop their careers. I’ve been recruiting in both the U.S and Europe within Clinical Operations and Clinical Development with a track record of placing 10+ mid-senior permanent and contract staff across the healthcare industry. My career highlights so far extend to 5 placements with a large pharmaceutical for Global Trial Leaders, on a big project. Perhaps less glamorous but meaningful in supporting a graduate find their first Clinical Research Associate role within the industry. Outside of the job I am a Manchester United supporter and a big foodie who loves to cook. I offer industry insights and advice to candidates at all levels and to my clients looking to build exceptional teams the full support in getting there.      Email: London Office: +44 0203 924 0106
Heidi Coates
Recruitment Consultant
I started off my career in the care industry but decided I wanted a career where I get to speak to a lot of different people as I am a social butterfly.  I have found my passion in recruitment. I love speaking to different candidates and helping them start their careers. Outside of work, I enjoy knitting and gardening as well as meeting friends for a few drinks.     Email:   Hull office: +44 0203 924 2818
Katie Wilkinson
Training Administrator
My interest in the industry was inspired by my time as an Animal Technician at B&K Universal. After the business downsized I took redundancy and sought a career in recruitment where I could use my experience and knowledge of an industry I feel passionate about thus joining S3 Science. I am what is known as the ‘cog’ of the company by keeping all administrative aspects of the business functioning. Since joining in 2011 I have had the pleasure of developing my professional skill by having the opportunity to wear ‘different hats’. This allows my job to be completely varied day-to-day from making the initial calls to prospective jobseekers, to compiling contracts of employment, to organising recruitment days, chasing timesheets, making Yorkshire teas and driving forward our presence in social media. Proudest moment/best achievement: Taking full hold of S3 Science’s social media and marketing presence. Generating interest and traffic to our new website by implementing techniques learnt from recent qualifications and courses kindly provided by S3 Science. Outside of work: I am a crazy tortoise lady... my pet ‘bondi’ (that’s him in the pic) wants for nothing, eating fresh pansies and having a huge enclosure in my home. I have travelled the world and am looking to forward to going back to Australia.       Email:      Hull office: 0203 924 2818
Irene Tate
Payroll Assistant
Prior to joining S3 Science I worked as a HR Administrator for Benefits and Recruitment within the Insurance industry. I am a South African but I have lived here for over 20 years. My role within S3 Science is the payroll assistant. I look after the start to finish process with regards to payroll which include timesheets and expenses as well as invoicing. If you have any queries with regards to temp payroll, I am your “go to” person! Outside of work: I am literally a “taxi driver” for my daughter. I absolutely love animals and have had birds, hamsters, rats, cats and now two dogs that drive me crazy but I love them. I love cooking and baking different things. I’ve attempted growing my own fruit and vegetables. I amazed myself and grew loads of different things but had problems in the end with space because I planted way too many seeds… I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the plants.      Email:      London office: 0203 9240166
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