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Temporary Recruitment

Under the right circumstances recruiting a temporary worker makes good business sense.

A sudden, unexpected staff shortage can be all needed to turn an effective, productive animal unit into a dysfunctional team with overworked, exhausted staff. We’re here to provide you with a range of temporary workers from our growing Temp Bank. We can deliver whether you need emergency cover or have a planned requirement for short/medium-term staff.

Our Temp Bank covers all your staffing needs.

We have vast experience placing highly competent, security-cleared workers and other research staff on short or long-term contracts with large and small organisations throughout the USA, the UK and Europe.


My experience of using temporary workers is that they are expensive, why are the hourly charges so high?

Maybe you’ve been using the wrong recruitment agency, as our hourly temp rates are the lowest in the industry. When we started providing the Life Sciences industry with our temporary workers, we looked closely at the services and charges being offered by other providers and we were amazed at the astronomical costs and lack of clarity as to where this money was being spent to provide quality, affordable temporary staff. S3 as a business has always kept its overheads as low as possible, with affordable offices that we own and recruiter’s earnings that are performance and commission focused. By following these basic principles, we can offer our clients the most affordable charge rates available in the industry, not only for today but also for the future. We’ve structured our pricing scale to keep things simple and straightforward with all-inclusive hourly rates that do away with the need for our clients to factor in or arrange their own accommodation and travel costs. Contact us for a copy of our latest price list.

I’m very concerned about the risk of Animal Rights infiltrations within my Animal Unit. What precautions do you take to ensure this won’t happen if I hire one of your temporary staff?

We understand that this is a genuine concern, particularly as there has been a marked increase in the number of Animal Rights expose’s being carried out by agency staff. Rest assured, we have not had a single incident of a current serving S3 temporary worker being involved directly or indirectly with any Animal Rights infiltrations or expose. We attribute this success rate to the following:

  • Advanced security screening is carried out by the UK’s fastest-growing security solutions provider, Horus Security. We would never attempt to security screen candidates ourselves and our decision to outsource this important function has proved invaluable. We’re never complacent and every year we review our relationship with Horus and view all of the available security screening providers to make sure we are able to continue to offer our clients temporary workers that are comprehensively security screened.
  • An employment contract with our temporary workers that makes clear our intentions should they breach any of their agreed security or confidentiality clauses. S3 Science would not hesitate to take legal action should any of our temporary workers be linked with an expose or infiltration of any kind.
  • More than any of the above – a good relationship with our temporary workers. By keeping in regular contact we can monitor and report to our clients any workplace issues our temporary workers raise. We have always operated a 24/7 telephone line solely for our temporary workers to use should they have any concerns whatsoever.

What sets your temporary workers apart from other agencies?

All our temporary workers are either permanently employed by S3 or are paid clear and simple hourly rates that are the highest in the industry. We’ve never paid the national minimum wage and understand the basic principle that a happy, well paid worker is a better worker. We also recognise that these staff will often be working away from home away from family and friends. With this in mind we’ve got a dedicated Temp bank Recruitment Manager to cater for all their needs 24/7.

What if I want to take on one of your temporary workers permanently?

Because of the quality of our temporary workers we get asked this question time and again. The answer is simple: we will not stand in the way of you hiring our staff permanently with astronomical fees. Unlike a lot of recruitment agencies we’ve never applied our basic permanent recruitment fee structure when taking on a temporary member of staff. With a common sense approach we’ve created a sliding fee scale so that the longer you keep the temp the lower the permanent fee. Contact us to find out more.

Call us today whether you need a Cage Washer, Experienced Animal Technician or Unit Manager. We have a bank of temporary staff able to work nationwide at short notice.

Email us today with details of your vacancy. One of our expert recruiters will contact you within 24 hours with honest and constructive feedback. They will discuss: the role content and salary / benefits offered and their place in the industry, the likelihood of filling the role with or without our help within your timescales and lastly our fees should you wish to utilise our services.

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