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Star Studded ‘Oscars Of Science’ Awards Ceremony


Celebrities from Hollywood and beyond gathered in Silicon Valley on Sunday 4th November 2018 to take part in a glitzy ceremony honouring some of the top scientists in the world, hosted by actor Pierce Brosnan with performances by Lionel Richie and Chinese singer G.E.M.

“We hope this year’s ceremony is inspired by Steven Hawking’s enduring legacy,” Milner told the crowd of about 500 gathered for the evening.

Nine scientists in the fields of life science, fundamental physics and mathematics were awarded a total of $22 million in prizes. Their achievements include developing a new drug to treat a deadly disease affecting infants, discovery of a new kind of electronic material, and a super-resolution imaging technology for looking at cells.

Some of the winners were

Xiaowei Zhuang – Harvard University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Breakthrough Prize for Life Sciences

  •  Discovering hidden structures in cells by developing super-resolution imaging—a method that transcends the fundamental spatial resolution limit of light microscopy.

Charles Kane and Eugene Mele – University of Pennsylvania

Breakthrough Prize for Fundamental Physics

  • New ideas about topology and symmetry in physics, leading to the prediction of a new class of materials that conduct electricity only on their surface.

Angelika Amon – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Award for life sciences

  • determining the consequences of aneuploidy, an abnormal chromosome number resulting from chromosome mis-segregation.

Zhijian “James” Chen of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Award for Life Sciences

  • How DNA triggers immune and autoimmune responses from the interior of a cell through the discovery of the DNA-sensing enzyme cGAS.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell, of the University of Dundee and University of Oxford

  • Fundamental contributions to the discovery of pulsars, and a lifetime of inspiring leadership in the scientific community.

For the full List of winner follow the link below

Science Awards Ceremony


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