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Technician Training

S3 Science Technician Training Programme

We understand the frustrations and barriers to getting on the 1st step of the Animal Sciences career ladder. By working with employers of Animal Technicians we have created and successfully ran our own employer led accredited technician training programme.

Our short training programme is free and covers everything you need to know about working in the Animal technology sector and includes online learning modules with paid work experience in an Animal Facility.

Our programme will provide industry-specific training in the following areas:

  • What to expect from working with animals – PPE, Barriers, Infection Control, Hygiene, Sterilisation, Disinfection, Waste Disposal
  • The equipment you will be using, such as Conventional Cages, IVC Cages and Interactive Cage Change Stations
  • Animal Health and wellbeing
  • How to prepare for your first day in the Animal Facility and give a great first impression
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Roles and Responsibilities – Ethics, 3Rs and the Culture of Care

Once each learning module is completed, you will be required to complete a short assessment.

Our training is an EMPLOYER LED development & employability programme created in conjunction with Research Institutions and animal facilities within the UK.

Once you complete your study modules you will be employed by S3 Science prior to working in an Animal Research facility, and starting your career in life sciences.


Training Programme Objectives


To open up the industry and allow Trainee Animal Technicians to experience life as an ‘Animal Technician’. Learning is done online in the comfort of your home.

Training & Development

Offering training and development to create quality ‘trainee level animal technicians.’

Promote Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a high priority and is promoted throughout the course and the hands-on training.  This ensures a high quality of trainee animal technicians for our clients.

To give Trainee Animal Technicians stepping stone access into a career in life sciences

Trainee Animal Technicians have access to ring-fenced vacancies with our Employer Partners. Our goal is to train and develop Trainee Animal Technicians into paid contract or permanent positions’

Heavy goal of 85% minimum ‘into work rate’

To date, 96% of our accredited Trainee Animal Technicians have been offered work with Employer Partners.

How will S3 learners benefit from this course?

  • Kick Start and Fast Track career as a ‘Trainee Animal Technician’
  • Work within some of the industry’s most prestigious research institutions
  • Exposure to the exciting life sciences/Animal Technology industry
  • Gain a completed portfolio demonstrating your testimonials from the industry-leading employers
  • Online and ‘on-the-job training’ to fast-track you into that dream job
  • Bypass online applications and interviews by DEMONSTRATING what you can do via work experience
  • 24/7 support whilst on the programme and whilst at work
  • Get paid while you learn!





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