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Are you a jobseeker who is passionate about working with animals? Are you seeking a more open, fair and paid opportunity to showcase and demonstrate what you can do as an S3 ‘Trainee Technician’? 

Join our technician training programme.

Our training program covers the following subjects in detail:

  1. Animal Husbandry (handling, sexing, schedule 1)
  2. Animal Room environment
  3. Equipment
  4. Infection Control
  5. Animals (Scientific Procedures Act) 1987
  6. Effective Communication

What are the benefits for S3 learners in this course?

  • Accelerated career access as a ‘Trainee Animal Technician’
  • Opportunity to work in a highly esteemed institution within the industry
  • Exposure to the thrilling life sciences/Animal Technology field
  • Development of a comprehensive portfolio showcasing testimonials from top employers in the industry
  • Online training to expedite entry into your desired job
  • Skip the usual online applications and interviews by demonstrating your skills and abilities
  • 24/7 support throughout the program and while working
  • Earn a salary while you learn!


What to expect from an animal research career?

Lots of people want to work with animals. Many people think that becoming a vet or working in a zoo is the only way to do that, but there are many other jobs where you can work with animals daily. One of the most rewarding is animal research.

  • Most work occurs indoors and involves sterile conditions or hot, humid environments. There is some outdoor work with certain species
  • Working hours can vary from 7-9 am and 3-5 pm
  • The work can be physically demanding and tiring, and you’ll need a high level of concentration and attention to detail
  • You’ll wear protective clothing, which will vary depending on the species of animal and type of study being undertaken. As a minimum, technicians wear a complete outfit of clean protective clothing every day
  • Animal research is a controversial issue. Although there is considerable support available from colleagues, you need to be prepared to deal with adverse comments (and sometimes actions) from members of the public or animal rights groups

Core responsibilities

As an animal technician, you’ll need to:

  • Understand and adhere to UK law governing the use of animals in scientific research
  • Ensure a high level of animal welfare and work to improve the quality of life for laboratory animals
  • Clean cages, pens, trays, equipment and fittings to keep animals clean and comfortable
  • Feed and water animals
  • Handle and move animals safely
  • Check the environment (for example, temperature and humidity)
  • Monitor the condition of animals and recognise and resolve any behavioural problems
  • Obtain samples and measurements
  • Collect and record data

Common barriers for jobseekers when trying to access the Life Science industry

Below are just some of the barriers that ‘budding animal technicians’ face when applying for roles within the industry:

  • Lack of practical experience – No hands-on physical work experience
  • Struggle in interviews – Lack of confidence, interview skills, and real-life talking points
  • Unknown hidden industry – Not discussed in schools, colleges, etc..
  • Research – Knowing where to find correct information
  • Myths – Incorrect fabricated information

Learner portfolios: your combined training log & CV

Your portfolio will include the following;

  • Pre-recorded videos – Why do you want to become an animal tech?
  • Trainer/tutor comments – Use their advice
  • Learning journey – Test Results!
  • Your Training – See what stage you are at
  • Impact statements – Show your application notes and why you want the job…

This will be your portfolio,  you will be given a copy at the end of your journey.

Why join S3 Science?

  • You are 10 times more likely to be offered a role once you complete your training You gain valuable work experience as a temporary worker. At the same time, we seek out your ideal permanent position. Let us do the hard work for you, and trust our success rates!
  • 1st hand Exclusive intel on upcoming and potential new jobs – We have access to jobs that, as a jobseeker, you cannot access (yet). Through many years of successful working partnerships with clients, we are often the first to hear about new positions. Successful S3 Science Technicians are the 1st CV in front of the hiring manager.
  • We are trusted – As a well-known and established agency within this very niche sector. Industry employers trust us to find the right people. As an S3 Science Trainee Technician, we provide solid interview prep that is clear, up-to-date, revised and well informed. We can offer information, advice and guidance on getting the job because we know the employers the best!
  • 24/7 helpline – Support during the recruitment stage through to in-work support. We help with your application, pending interviews and even once you are at work. We have a team of ex-industry senior-level workers who support you from the application, interview, offer and even when you are successfully placed in employment.

See what our existing Animal Technicians think of their career…



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