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Referral Partners

Do you have students or jobseekers needing free information, advice and Technician careers guidance? Are you looking for opportunities to support your jobseekers into sustainable employment?

Colleges & Universities

S3 Science ensures that all parties benefit from the programme.

At S3, we are dedicated to developing close and essential relationships with educational institutes.

We are happy to adapt to the college/university needs as a partner. We want the programme also to meet the needs of educational institutions. We are more than happy to tailor the workshops, so if that means running or adapting the workshop and monitoring the destinations in-house to support the educational institution, we are more than happy to help you.

Become a Referral Partner

S3 Science is happy to accept referrals from a variety of sources. We are always on the lookout for talent! We look for people who love working with animals and are passionate about giving the ‘best’ level of animal care.

S3 has engaged with several DWP / Jobcentres and schools to ensure everyone can benefit from our free career advice. The S3 team are more than happy to come out and meet with groups of jobseekers/school leavers who may have yet to have access to an animal-related qualification.

S3 is open to supporting all talent levels regardless of status or qualification. We focus on finding people passionate about caring for animals and strongly believe in giving nothing but the ‘best’ level of care. We purely focus on the ‘ability’ to provide excellent animal welfare!

S3 Science Recruitment strives to work alongside all forms of career advisory bodies, such as the IEP, DWP and civil servants. We have a range of tools readily available to support signposting from employment advisors, such as posters which can be showcased within JCP branches and subcontractor/supply chains. We offer extensive in-work support and are highly driven on all technicians sustaining work for 14 weeks+.

*Please Note: S3 Science Recruitment is a self-funded recruitment enterprise which funds all training costs. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest or double funding issues to worry about!


Careers Days

S3 are proud to be invited to attend regular careers days for animal-related students throughout the UK.

Destination Measures

Here at the S3, we feel it is vital to keep a record of all our technician’s educational backgrounds, routes of referral and entry levels of qualifications to ensure we can support both our academic partners in terms of destination measures also to ensure we are diverse in allowing our learners to come from a variety of paths. We want to support all types of learners based on their commitment and behaviours. This includes their ‘willingness to learn’ We are more than happy to help our partners with any destination measures or ‘in-to-work’ recording procedures. All our S3 Technicians are asked to complete a ‘consent to share’ form, which allows us to share this information.

So, If you have job seekers on your caseload who are looking to work with animals, we want to hear from you!

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