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Today is World Animal Day


(photo world animal day)

World Animal Day is celebrated every year on October 4 and highlights the issue of protecting and saving the world’s most endangered species.

There are 17 critically endangered species of animal across the world today and a further 27 species that are endangered. Use World Animal Day to educate yourself on the serious situation facing conservationists supporting endangered species.

The most endangered are

Amur Leopard – There are only 60 individuals left.

Black Rhino – These are killed by Poacher for food and their horns.

Bornean Orangutan – Habitats of the Bornean Orangutan have been severally depleted due to deforestation and hunting and many of their habitats are small and fragmented.

Cross River Gorilla – They inhabit a region that is heavily populated by humans and so their territories have been encroached on.

Eastern Lowand Gorilla – These are hunted for there fur and healing properties.

Hawsbill Turtle – The Hawksbill Turtle’s distinct shell of overlapping scales makes them highly valuable on the market.

Javan Rhino – There are only 60 left in the world.

Malayan Tiger – There are about 250-340 Malay Tigers in the world.

Mountain Gorilla – As humans have moved further into the Mountain Gorilla’s territory they are forced into higher altitudes which put them in danger.

South China Tiger – They was Hunted as pests until the Chinese government banned the killing of them.

Sumatran Elephant – They share their habitat with other endangered species such as the Sumatran rhino, tiger and orangutan

Sumatran Oranguntan – They are loosing there habitat due to deforestation and they rarely spend time on the ground.

Sumatran Rhino – They are the most threatened by poaching and there is no indication that the population is stable.

Sumatran Tiger – Sumatran tigers are losing their habitat and prey fast, and poaching shows no sign of decline.

Vaquita – The little porpoise wasn’t discovered until 1958 and now we are at risk of losing the entire species.

Western Lowland Gorilla – They inhabit a region that is heavily populated by humans and so their territories have been encroached on.

Yangtze Finless Porpoise – They are known for their mischievous smile and high level of intelligence.














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