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Permanent Positions

Senior Bioinformatician
Oxford, South West

The insights we’ll get using bioinformatics will be essential in fulfilling our client’s mission to create the world’s best guilt-free and sustainable meat. As part of our community of some 40 scientists; a team where you can make a true difference to animal welfare and global sustainability. And where the meat we make is cultivated meat. It is just like real meat, only made differently.

You’re already a proven Bioinformatician with post-doc experience in analysing and interpreting genomic, NGS or omics sets. You have a talent for helping others understand how bioinformatics can help their work and are unafraid of the unknown. As far as the tech goes, you’ll have worked with Python with expertise in prototyping, writing, and maintaining Python code, as well as bioinformatics-related Python libraries. That’ll be coupled with wide experience in developing and maintaining target pipelines, within the functional genomics arena.

In this role, you’ll report to our Head of Cell Sciences. It’s also likely you’ll be part of a task force (as we call our project teams) and being steered by the work of that group and the task force leader.

  • Shaping and guiding the leadership team on the best approach we could take in deploying bioinformatics across the business, including identification of new opportunities and strategic direction to achieve our immediate and longer-term goals
  • Championing the benefits that bioinformatics can bring to the business, initially in the cell line development processes and then extending this to our other scientific groups over time
  • Analysing public databases to identify novel candidate genes to inform in-house experiments and review relevant literature to build strong scientific cases we might use
  • Keeping abreast of industry established and emerging processes within bioinformatics, identifying the benefits and/or risks for our client
  • Analysing genome-scale data using appropriate analytical and statistical methods to test and generate new hypotheses we might benefit from
  • Integrating your bioinformatics expertise across a diverse range of our cultivated meat processes, spanning everything from cell biology to bioprocessing challenges
  • Supporting and helping to define the roles and work undertaken by the emerging data science and bioinformatics teams
  • Communicating and sharing your bioinformatics insights and opportunities at the intersection of bench work, machine learning and executives

As our first Bioinformatician, you’ll have a PhD in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics (or a similar field) and have been involved in the delivery of several postdoc projects, ideally in industry. Projects where you’ve helped set the direction and role bioinformatics has played. You take a forensic approach to analytics and build your hypotheses, with the ability to explain your thoughts and findings clearly and simply. We realise this may well be your first venture into cultivated meat – and that’s absolutely fine – we have a great team that’ll be excited to help you get to grips with that; just as they’ll be excited to learn about bioinformatics from you.

Salary: £50,000 - £65,000 Per Annum
Date Posted: 15/09/2022
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