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Your phone may not be detrimental to our sleep after all









We have all heard the warnings about our phone and the blue light be detrimental to our sleep patterns.  A new study in mice has proven that that might not be the case after all.

A new study from the University of Manchester found that the opposite was true. We should be hitting our brains with blue light in the evening because it’s akin to twilight and triggers the release of melanopsin; a light-sensitive protein and ‘key contributor’ to our circadian rhythms.

The findings suggest that using dim, cooler, lights in the evening and bright warmer lights in the day may be more beneficial. ‘Research has already provided evidence that aligning our body clocks with our social and work schedules can be good for our health. Using colour appropriately could be a way to help us better achieve that perfects nights sleep.

The study was conducted on mice so might not be conclusive, but your phone may not be the reason for you not sleeping after all.

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Blue light study



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